Board of Deacons

To be a deacon means to be a “servant” or “minister”. Deacons are persons who are chosen by the congregation to share with the pastor(s) in helping the church to envision and achieve its spiritual possibilities. In the Mystic Congregational Church men, women, and youth serve in this capacity.

The history of the work of deacons in the church is a long and honored one. In Acts 6:1-7, we read that when the disciples found that the distribution of food and other ministries were preempting their time and effort so much as to interfere with the “preaching of the word”, they recommended that, “Therefore, brethren, pick out from among you seven men of good repute, full of the spirit and of wisdom, who we may appoint to this duty.”

In today’s church the office of Deacon is a special one with a great deal of responsibility. The Deacons are the eyes and ears of the pastor(s) and should be open to the cares and concerns of the congregation.

While every member of the church is considered a lay minister, sustaining a loving relationship of friendliness, concern, and service to all other members, the deacons are especially called to this lay ministry. They can be an individual help to the pastor(s) in their care for the members. The deacon’s interest in newcomers, their welcome to visitors, their calling in homes to express the interest of the church in all its members and to give aid and comfort in time of need, along with their concern for those who have become inactive, are significant factors in setting the tone of the church as a loving fellowship.