Disappearing Waistlines

Author Rev_Ann, Written May 9, 2011

Now you see ‘em; now you don’t…our waistlines, that is.  We were warned before our departure that we would come home bigger than when we left.  And it will be true.

Eating in Korea has been an adventure.  We have sampled octopus, sting-ray and something that has no English word for it.  We have reclined at table and sat upright in chairs.  We have used chopsticks and we have used forks.  We have removed our shoes; we have kept them on.  But each time we have overlooked a table spilling over with choices – most of which we have never seen or tasted in quite the same way before.  Mostly very delicious; some we won’t try again.

It’s the amount that has presented the problem.  Each meal has been an abundant extravaganza offered over an extended period of time, so consumption has been off the charts.  Perhaps the most memorable meal was enjoyed at a restaurant whose name translates to “Happy Garden for the Mouth”.  Separate room for our party, low tables, shoes outside, mats on the floor and seven – count ‘em – seven courses.  Very, very special!

Here’s what we’ve noticed:  no processed, no packaged, no sugary foods – all fresh and colorful and full of flavor.  So…we’re hoping that because the food is so healthy, our bodies won’t notice how much we’ve taken in.  But… I forget what my toes look like.

Back to reality soon…

Pastor Ann