It’s All in the Translation

Author Rev_Ann, Written May 9, 2011

We have a contest going among us.  Which is the most memorable English phrase we’ve heard during our time here…

Jody votes for:  “adjust your volume of eating” – a warning given to us at the beginning of our famed 7-course feast the other night.  A well-meaning phrase offered so that we would be able to enjoy all the courses and not get completely full after the first one.  (We continue to try to adjust our volume of eating at all meals.)

Doug votes for:  “priceless” – Doug was handed a stack of tourist pamphlets printed in English by one of our hosts at a rest stop yesterday with the verbal description that they were “priceless”.  Doug assumed it was because pamphlets printed in English are rare.  No, they were free – priceless.

Ann votes for:  “self control body milk” – the one English phrase printed on the bottle of low-fat milk at breakfast this week.

Today we look forward to nominating more candidates.  I wonder what gems from our mouths our hosts could nominate.  Maybe they’re measuring  by number of times uttered.  I imagine the top candidate will be “thank-you” because we are constantly on the receiving end of the most incredible hospitality we’ve experienced.  Another may be “beautiful” because the scenery here is breathtaking, especially the mountains.  We’ve also said “so cute” many, many times as we’ve feasted our eyes on Korean babies here, there and everywhere.

I know one thing, there is no language to adequately describe our experience here – the appreciation we have, the growing love we have for our partner hosts, the life-time connection to Korea we will now always treasure.

Thank you, God.

Pastor Ann